Yarrow has a reputation for being a cure-all herb. When combined, yarrow and CBD provide a potent combination of health benefits. Yarrow is a member of the sunflower family and grows freely in the wild with clusters of small white flowers at the top of the stalk. The yarrow grows abundantly on our farm in Central Oregon as it thrives in dry hot conditions.  All of the yarrow used in our Yarrow-Mint Tincture is handpicked on our farm and dried in preparation to be combined with our high-quality hemp to create a medicinal supplement for everyday use. 


Yarrow is a little-known super herb.


Yarrow is used widely for reducing fevers because of the herb’s ability to relax the skin and open the pores. This allows for copious amounts of sweating and the release of toxins. A go-to herb for many, Yarrow is helpful in shortening the duration of cold and flu, helping improve relaxation during illness, and relieving cramps associated with hormones or illness. It is known as a styptic —an astringent herb that stops bleeding. Yarrow holds a special ability to both stop bleeding and break up stagnant blood making it a valuable menstrual remedy.


Our Yarrow-Mint Tincture provides 900mg of full-spectrum hemp


The plant can be used to promote restful sleep, help aid congestion from allergies and calm inflammation within the skin. It is also helpful in calming an upset stomach and other GI ailments.  This all-around multi-purpose plant was an easy choice enhancement in combination with our hemp in our Yarrow-Mint Tincture as it reels in many health benefits and pairs nicely for an earthy medicinal dosage.