Our CBD products are created with your wellbeing in mind, from seed to your doorstep. We understand the need for rest and relief from everyday stressors. We also understand that there is a lot of information out there, and many products to choose from. It can be overwhelming and confusing, not knowing where to begin and who/what to trust. Our commitment to quality and transparency is what sets us apart.

Like you, we choose to nourish our bodies with clean, natural products that we feel good about. We insist on the purest quality ingredients, which is why we grow our own food. Our medicine is no different than our food. You deserve to find ease and comfort from a natural source, and you have a right to know where it came from and who produced it.

When you peruse our website you will find that all of our products contain hemp and herbs grown exclusively from our farm. You will find pure flower accompanied by stringent Oregon testing. You will find oilsedibles, and topicals made from our signature full spectrum extracts. All of our products are grown, made, packaged, and shipped directly from our farm. Our entire process is authentic, transparent, and intentional. There is nothing harmful or hidden.

When you purchase CBD products from Desert Green, you can have confidence that you are getting pure plant medicine as nature intended, from people you can trust.