Our Lavender + Chamomile CBD salve contains a combination of organic herbs grown on our farm alongside our hemp plants.   We use a special infusion process to draw the beneficial elements out of the herbs and into the MCT oil, ensuring that each ingredient is as effective as possible. We emulsify the CBD distillate into the salve at a specific concentration, providing predictability and consistency in our products. We obtain our beeswax from a trusted source, and it is a product of the Pacific Northwest. The aroma of our salve is subtle and natural and captures the essence of the plants it is comprised of. There are no added fragrances or fillers. This salve can be used as a soothing balm for minor scrapes or burns, can be massaged into sore muscles, or simply rubbed on the body as needed for a sense of ease and relaxation.

Our Yarrow + Mint CBD oil infusion/tincture has also been formulated with comfort and ease in mind. We have combined our CBD distillate with two powerful herbs to bring you a product that is calming, revitalizing, and uplifting, but that also has a light and pleasant taste & aroma. At a concentration of 900mg of CBD/oz, a little goes a long way. This infusion is intended to be taken orally, by placing several drops under the tongue as needed. Since everyone’s body is different, our recommendation is to wait 30 minutes or so after the initial dose, assess how you are feeling, and take another dose as needed. Since it can have a calming and mild sedative effect over time, please do not operate a moving vehicle or machinery after using this product.

Our Hemp Honey is a delicious way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. During the summer, we host bees on the buckwheat crop at our farm, which is where our honey comes from. The subtle, earthy flavor of the CBD distillate compliments the sweet, full flavor of the honey. This honey can be enjoyed in tea, or used anywhere you’d use plain honey.