Desert Green tests all our products at Juniper Analytics, Oregon’s premier cannabis testing lab.

Juniper Analytics builds quality, accuracy and integrity into the core of every test. They utilize sound scientific methods, the brightest minds in the industry, and an unmatched dedication to every minute detail. They provide comprehensive results every step of the way to ensure their services exceed all expecations.

CBD Hemp Honey

At 20mg CBD per teaspoon, our Hemp Honey is a delicious way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

  • Cannabinoid Distribution 4.42%

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Yarrow + Mint CBD Tincture 900mg

Our Yarrow + Mint CBD Tincture has been formulated with comfort and ease in mind.

  • Cannabinoid Distribution 3.49%

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Lavender + Chamomile CBD Salve

Contains a combination of organic herbs grown on our farm alongside our hemp plants.

  • Cannabinoid Distribution 0.9%

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