Meet Mandela, our first Desert Green ambassador, and friend of the farm. After using our products extensively Mandela wanted to share her experience with the world and quickly became a huge asset to the Desert Green team—helping to spread the word far and wide. Read Mandela’s story below…


Who are you and what are you about?

Growing up, Mandela spent a season in South Africa, a season in Montana & various seasons traveling the world with her flight attendant mother & vagabond father. At an early age, Mandela fell in love with juxtapositions between cultures, music, food & weather of the northern & southern hemispheres. Mandela started her radio career at age 18 with a live adventure-travel talk show on college radio. After taking a break from radio to guide high volume whitewater in Southern Africa, Mandela returned to Missoula and has been producing/hosting an award-winning adventure radio series and podcast called The Trail Less Traveled. Mandela guides whitewater expeditions full-time in the Grand Canyon & during the off-season she travels to India, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South/Central America to guide and record her radio series. Mandela is a student of Ashtanga Yoga and also teaches Yoga full-time.

Where’d you get your pain/anxiety?

Mandela discovered that you can get paid to guide whitewater at the age of 18. Mandela now works as an international adventure guide/instructor in the field of whitewater rafting, bush trekking, whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking & riverboarding. She guides 15-day expeditions through the rapids & tributaries of the Grand Canyon April-October and this year will be guiding fulltime on the Middlefork of the Salmon in Idaho June-July. River guiding is hard on the body and requires carrying heavy objects to and from the rafts as well as constantly rowing &/or paddling for days on end. Most river guides complain about back pain and Mandela is no different. In addition to back pain, Mandela has also undergone four knee surgeries and struggles with early-onset arthritis in her left knee which she injured at age nine.

How do you use Desert Green?

She loves using the yarrow/mint tincture first thing in the morning and just before bed. She uses 30mg at a time and raves about its effectiveness.

Which products?

Yarrow/Mint CBD tincture is the BEST!

How do they contribute to your wellbeing?

About 30 minutes after using the tincture subliminally, Mandela notices an overall calmness, relaxation and entire lack of body pain. It’s also fantastic because it doesn’t affect alertness and energy levels. The CBD takes care of the pain and anxiety leaving her free to carry on with guiding and other work activities.