We are happy to introduce our Compassion Program. While other companies offer subscriptions we wanted to take things a step further and truly honor our Desert Green MVPs. By signing up for our compassion program you will get 15% off all of our products and have them delivered on a monthly basis. Every month we will check in to see if members would like to add anything else to their order with the 15% discount. In addition, our compassion members will be able to get their hands on our newest products before anyone else by taking advantage of our early release pilot program.

Compassion ProgramOur compassion members understand that they are supporting a farm that uses biodynamic and regenerative agriculture practices in a world that is more commonly filled with chemicals and monocultures. While small farms are more vulnerable to weather, disease, and volatile markets committed Compassion Program members help to stabilize the farm, so that we can always make the best decisions for the plants and the land. It is a form of investment that allows one small farm to continue growing on a scale that would not be possible without this membership model.

Members will find all sorts of samples and bonuses in their package each month. We want to make it as affordable and convenient as possible for people that use CBD regularly to enjoy Desert Green’s products. The compassion program encourages direct communication and cooperation among farmers and consumers and it provides farmers with a fair return on their labor.

The compassion program keeps dollars in a small agricultural community and because Rainshadow Organics also grows a wide array of organic food, it contributes to the development and maintenance of regional food systems. The compassion program puts “the farmers face on the product”, which increases understanding of how, where, and by whom our hemp and herbs are grown.

We will be hosting special events on the farm for our members. In the coming months, membership in our compassion program will give our MVP’s special invites to educational events, farm tours, and field days.  Starting in the Summer of 2020 classes with our chief alchemist will be available along with wild foraging retreats.