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Our Products

Desert Green is made by a group of likeminded people that believe in creating local, sustainable and healthy products for future generations. We only use the highest quality extraction process with organic food grade ingredients making our product truly full spectrum, clean and safe for all to enjoy.

Organic, Biodynamic, Full-Spectrum CBD

Desert Green is grown by Rainshadow Organics on the eastern foothills of the Oregon Cascade Range that grow and produce the highest quality full spectrum CBD products currently on the market.

We Are Happy To Introduce Our Compassion Program

Which offers discounts and special access while supporting a farm that uses biodynamic and regenerative agriculture practices. Compassion Program members help to stabilize the farm, so that we can always make the best decisions for the plants and the land.

Did you know that CBD oil can work as well for pets as it does for humans?

We care for our land and our process, putting only natural and organic ingredients into every product we produce. We pride ourselves on contributing to the regeneration of the social, economic and environmental health of our planet and our four-legged companions.

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At Desert Green, we strive to create the Premium CBD products that allow you to thrive!

Always Tested

Every one of our products goes through the full regulatory testing to ensure that you get the purest and healthful product on the market